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Bajaj Discover 100M : Review

Bajaj Discover 100 M – M for Mileage!

100M has Pulsar’s muscular look, but spiderweb alloy wheel makes it look like scooter

Bajaj Auto have the widest range of motorcycles to cater to the differing needs of the target audience. If you are looking at a bike with power and macho looks – they have the Pulsar series, cruiser type – they have an Avenger, Platina in the entry level segment and coming to style, power and mileage they have the Discover series. Here we are going to talk about the recent addition to the Discover series – Discover  100M.

Aggressive Headlamp with Pilot Lamps

There has been a general perception that mileage bikes cannot offer you what the premium segment bikes do in terms of power, comfort and styling. With Discover 100M, Bajaj Auto have honestly tried to overcome these shortcomings in a mileage bike. The effort to bridge the gap really seems to have paid off.

Technical Specifications:

Powered by a 4 valve twin spark DTS-i 102cc, Discover 100M comes with a max power of 9.3ps@8000rpm and a max torque of 9.02nm@6000 rpm. Front hydraulic and Nitrox twin rear suspension gives decent riding comfort and helps negotiate the rough roads. 100M has a disc brake variant too to give the control and comfort that was once available only in premium segment.


Spider web wheelbase with petal disk break is unique

The styling of the bike is same as the latest Discover series. The 50mm reduction in wheelbase makes it proportionately smaller compared to its sibling Discover 100T. The sharp headlight cowl which comes with pilot lamps only adds to the looks of the vehicle.  The unique alloy wheels and fresh colour combinations get the bike sporty looks.

Fuel Economy – Mileage ka Naya Satya

Muscular Tank with Two Tone Decals
Muscular Tank with Two Tone Decals

Touching the fuel economy part, the very line used by Bajaj Auto on Discover 100M – Mileage ka Naya Satya says it all. The 84kmpl (under standard conditions) for a bike with all the new generation bike features and styling is no small feat.

Some Concerns…

There are a few areas where the bike lags behind. The light weight of the bike makes ride on highways a bit difficult. The poor tyre quality makes braking and controlling the vehicle a bit messy when clocked beyond 60 kmph.


Many argue that it is overpriced in 100CC segment. In my opinion pricing is decent at around 46,800  for drum break variant (ex showroom, Bangalore*) & 49,800 for disk break. Yes, you have to shell out 3K more for the comfort and safety of disk break! Soon I’ll update this review with on-road price in Bengaluru. Click here to find authorized Bajaj dealers in Bengaluru.

Experts’ View

The new Bajaj Discover 100M definitely looks like it is here to create a place for itself in the entry level bike market. The bike has so much on offer that it is really easy to forget about the couple of slight gremlins and I am sure that every entry level bike buyer out there would be more than interested in giving the new 100M a good look. [review from motoroids.com]

The 100M is a neat motorcycle that understands its role but brings a bit of sizzle with a bit of extra power, lots of torque and extremely agile handling to a generally staid, economy and value-oriented segment. Road test report from The 100M is a neat motorcycle that understands its role but brings a bit of sizzle with a bit of extra power, lots of torque and extremely agile handling to a generally staid, economy and value-oriented segment. [Road test report from overdrive]

Bajaj Auto has nailed it with the value for money proposition it offers with the Discover 100M. We agree to the fact that this is the most expensive 100cc of the lot (100T aside) but the features on offer and the handsome styling makes it a fabulous package. Bajaj says this particular model has hopes attached with it when it comes to rural market share. It will not be easy to cut the cake here because this is where Hero MotoCorp has a blind following. [opinion from motorbeam.com]

To sum up, Discover 100M is a bike that stands tall among all the other players in its class. Be it mileage, looks, design or technology, the bike scores high on its nearest competitors. If you are looking at buying a bike in mid-range segment, 100M should be a wise and nice pick. Enjoy riding though initial investment is bit pricey!

Want to discover more? Watch the launch video below.


Image credit: Bajaj Auto
* Pricing is indicative & subject change without notice