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meI’m Arvind from Bangalore & the man behind this blog. I have a full time job which is boring and monotonous, so created this blog about Motor Bikes (this is an interesting  subject I’m passionate about!)

My love story with bikes started way back in 1990s. It was when I was a kid that I developed an interest in motorcycles. There was an uncle of mine living in my neighborhood who owned an Yezdi Roadking. Everyday morning @ 9 sharp he would kick start his Roadking and the thundering bike would let every one out there know he is off to his office. It would be wrong on my part if I didn’t attribute my passion for motorbikes to my uncle’s roaring Roadking.

As I grew up, the passion grew too and it was during my high school days that I got an opportunity to have a touch and feel of a motor bike. I still remember the make and model of that bike and it was a Hero Honda 100ss.

Since my dad did not gift me a bike just bcoz he didn’t want me to become a spoilt brat, I had to wait till I started earning to own one. Once I had a job, I wasted no time  in searching for a second hand Yamaha Rx100 which was a craze among the youth then. And I managed to find a Rx100 in great condition. I have used a lot many other bikes since then, but as the fact remains that, it is next to impossible to forget one’s first love. I still can’t get enough of the Rx100 and go on a long ride whenever I visit my native place.

Time flies and doesn’t stop come what may. One cannot but go with the flow of life,  so have I. Professional responsibilities required me to relocate to Bangalore and it proved to be a blessing in disguise.  As Bangalore is one among the biggest and happening cities of India, no bike brand can afford being not present here. Be it a motor show or a  product launch, Bangalore stands as a top priority City for any manufacturer.

I always make it a point to attend all automobile related events in Bangalore. I get invites from almost all Automobile Companies on product launches, motor shows or related events, if any, thanks to the media industry that I am into. Its amazing being present in these kind of events since it gives me immense pleasure and privilege of having a real close look at newly launched products or concepts. And also to share my experiences with you guys.

With this blog mobikemaster.com, here is an honest effort to give prospective bike buyers an insight into what is available around. The very purpose of this blog is to provide you with mobike views and news in an unbiased way. And I am sure you lads out there seeking information on bikes would not be disappointed as we try and give you maximum possible info that is just a click away .

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